Just Say Yes

One of the things I love most about the mind of a child is its ability to imagine the impossible and then actually believe that those outlandish visions are achievable.  My kids seem to dream up the craziest ideas and I adore seeing their creativity at work.  However, as a realist and complete buzz killer, it is my job as their mom to bring them back to reality.  In most cases, I find myself putting the kibosh on their sweet yet demanding requests to bring their concepts to life.  So when they wanted to build a zip line from the deck to the play set, my answer:  No.  When they wanted to stack my dining room furniture up to the ceiling in order to look like a rocket, my answer:  Absolutely not.  The same holds true for their relentless requests each summer to build a tree house.  I have explained about our lack of mature trees and building materials, then pointed them to the lovely play structure in the back yard.  Each year my excuses would cue their eye rolling and continued pleas, yet my answer remained the same:  No.   A few days ago, Cricket and her friend asked if they could add a few things from around the house to a tree out by the garden.  It seemed harmless enough so I let them go ahead.  The boys then joined in and the kids were working together seamlessly so I didn’t dare interrupt.  After the dust had settled, I went outside to see the structure worried that I would have to tell them to take down some awful monstrosity.  As I turned the corner, I saw a lovely tree adorned with a rope swing, hanging ladder and welcome sign…all touches born from the imagination of persistent kiddos.  Looking at this beautiful creation, I realized that sometimes it’s wonderful to just say:  Yes.



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