I’m the girl that thought I would stay in the corporate world forever.  Yeah, take six weeks off or so every couple of years to have a baby or two, but it was all about career.   As soon as the stick turned positive that fateful day in 2002, I marched into my manager’s office and quit my job.  I haven’t been back since.  A year after the birth of our beautiful daughter, our adorable twin boys were born.  The details of those first months of having three kids under 13 months old are quite fuzzy so I will just say it was pure joy (Ok…that is a complete and total lie.  I do recall dropping one while tandem breastfeeding, falling asleep on the carpet while reading Goodnight Moon, and singing John Denver tunes in the kitchen at the top of my lungs to drown out the crying in triplicate).

It’s now hard to believe that my kids’ tween years are here.  I have realized that time is fleeting and I need to make the most of their childhood and my time as their parent.  I don’t want to waste away time on smartphones and the Internet, only to look up years from now and wish I had spent more time connecting with my brood.  Therefore, I have decided to go on a journey to discover how taking one moment each day to connect with our kids may change everything.

Let me introduce you to the characters of my cast (aka my family).  I tried to keep them very pseudonymous here…

As for me, Zoe, I am proud to be the chief of this crew.  I always have an art project up my sleeve, a load of laundry in the washing machine, dinner setting off the smoke alarm and a smile to make you think I’m handling it all just fine.  I love sea salt chocolates, dressing like an athlete without doing the work, gifts, and a clean car.  I really don’t like mean people.

Cricket is my beautiful, loving daughter.  She is 10.5 years old with a heart of gold.  She is a true and loyal friend and still likes to hang out with her mom.  She loves to shop, wear cool clothes from the teen stores at the mall, and get down & dirty with frogs, bugs and critters in the back yard.  Her passion is volleyball and she loves everything Harry Potter.

Sport is my persistent, athletic son.  He is 9.5 years old and a ball of energy.  He constantly has a ball, stick, puck or mitt in his hands and hardly slows down long enough to do homework or even get a decent meal in his gullet.  Ask him for a hug however, and he’s all over it.  He’s got a head for math and a heart for helping people in need.

Like his identical twin brother, 9.5 year old Rocky loves everything to do with sports.  He thoroughly enjoys the outdoors and will throw all cares aside for a quick romp in the snow or sunshine.  He is a critical thinker, always planning his next big entrepreneurial idea to make it rich.   He’s fascinated by history and the Angry Birds clan.

Maverick is my wonderful husband.  I’m lucky to share in the joys (and tears!) of parenting with my best friend…without him the days would struggle to have meaning. He is wicked funny and shockingly knows the words to many teen pop hits.

Axel is our German Shepherd pooch.  He’s a cuddlebug in the house, but fiercely protective of the family.  We love our big guy and all he does as part of our crew.


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  1. Holy shiitake (yes, I meant those fancy mushrooms)! Three kids under 13 months? Obviously my memory isn’t serving me well nowadays. Either I truly forgot, or it was so traumatizing it slipped my mind at that ‘corporate pit’ we worked at. Hands down and a deep bow to you woman.

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